Sufjan Stevens
latest album by radiohead
deals with Love and Loss and it's good
it's like a jazzy love jungle
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Animal Collective
Julia Holter
probably THE artist i look up to
and idolize the most, as embarrassing
as that is to admit ._. listen to the track outro
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Beach House
quiet & beautiful
it's called dark-ambient? but...
i don't know. she's amazing, though
track | album
Stars of the Lid
Grizzly Bear
sad, pretty, wailing, beautiful
i'd recc their first album but i don't
know if you're into poorly recorded lo-fi
track | album
Youth Lagoon
yeah, don't worry
i don't expect you to call me next week
not after this...
track | album
Atlas Sound
this album is a fucking.. soup of love
and lust.. and sleep.. and dreaming..
and tempo and form and lyricism
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The Radio Dept.
very very very bright noisy rock
feels really young, nostalgic
super good energy :)
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LCD Soundsystem
Father John Misty
kind of a cynical asshole but also
really romantic at the same time?
he's articulate and the music is fantastic
track | album
Daft Punk
Age of Adz
sufjan steven's electronic masterpiece
about a messed up prophet that once lived
imagine this as a grand classical composition :)
track | album
A Moon Shaped Pool
ever felt manically in love?
can't explain this one, it's just
animal collective being awesome haha
track | album
Have You In My Wilderness
it's actually my least favourite
beach house album but it's so
clean soaring clear dreamy..
track | album
Alien Observer
The Tired Sounds of
if dread and beauty could stand still
in time or if humankind found
out we're actually in purgatory
track | album
Wonderous Bughouse
creepy, wet, expressive and colourful
he's called trevor powers and he's sort
of an oddball.. but he makes crazynice music
track | album
Wriggle EP
Halcyon Digest
walking free
come with me
far away... every day!
track | album
Let The Blind Lead
Premiers Symptomes
loungey magical jazzy electronic
music for feeling sexy haha...
i don't think there's smoother music out there
track | album
Lesser Matters
This Is Happening
super funny and super funky music about
being insecure and wanting stuff and
being an idiot... very danceable!!!
track | album
I Love You, Honeybear
Random Access Memories
it's just daft punk's RAM
there's so much love in their music..
can recommend the 2015 docu about them :3
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