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[17:28] [Stanleyjub] i don't have a thermometer either :/ don't you all borrow one at your local library too?
[17:32] [Urwa] Milecchn#0000
[17:32] [Shaggyt] thats not even allowed at a library computer station?
[17:32] [Milecchn] ya Urwa#8194
[17:32] [Urwa] do u think libraries should stock thermometers
[17:32] [Milecchn] no
[17:32] [Urwa] why not
[17:33] [Milecchn] bc why
[17:33] [Shaggyt] but why not
[17:33] [Stanleyjub] no plural, just the one that is chained to a wall
[17:33] [Urwa] idk if u think u have a fever n u dont own a thermometer
[17:33] [Milecchn] but who goes to the library to get a thermometer
date: 2020-02-27 23:34:21