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> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] Will do!
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] Hmm
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] Hes in, I just sprayed the lid before putting it on so the gas is kinda mild rn
< [Taigarocks#0000] amazing omg
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] oops, a wing broke XD I was shaking the jar alot
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] time to add a second puff.
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] He's crawling as far from the lid as possible, but there's nowhere to escape it ;3
< [Taigarocks#0000] do it omg hitler would be so proud
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] XD
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] except wasps actually do deserve it lol
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] sprayed a third puff directly on him! he's fallen over he cant walk now
< [Taigarocks#0000] rip wasp
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] Oh, he died whoops XD
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] aww I didnt see it
< [Taigarocks#0000] lmaoo u did it
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] fsbhafawfyg
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] he's alive! >:/
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] I opened the jar thinking he's dead smh
< [Taigarocks#0000] put him back in!!!!
< [Taigarocks#0000] more gas!!
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] I ripped his wings off, broke all but one leg off, then crushed his stinger off.
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] And threw him back in the jar with 2 fresh puffs
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] hope that trick was worth it wasp ;P
< [Taigarocks#0000] i mcrying do it omg
> [e2] [Taigarocks#0000] his body's convulsing, so he's clearly choking to death
date: 2020-02-28 03:42:45