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> [en] [Featuredm] how?
< [Featuredm] just type /mort
> [en] [Featuredm] i type and nothing
< [Featuredm] just keep typing it every round
< [Featuredm] it accumulates
> [en] [Featuredm] and what will do?
< [Featuredm] you'll end up with 700 fraises!
> [en] [Featuredm] its scam
> [en] [Featuredm] nobody can get fraises for free lol
< [Featuredm] it was made as a secret for old players
> [en] [Featuredm] its not working ;c
< [Featuredm] not right away :)
> [en] [Featuredm] ?
date: 2016-12-05 01:05:53